Rehabilitation and Step-Down Services

Our rehabilitation and step-down accommodation-based services help people bridge the gap from in-patient, secure or care settings to living independently in their own homes. They often support people who have been living in institutions or out of borough, sometimes for several years.


Forensic step-down services

We deliver forensic step-down services for individuals with high mental health needs and forensic histories who may be leaving secure or forensic care settings. Our expert and specialist teams deliver 24-hour accommodation-based safe and responsive services support in partnership with clinical teams and statutory agencies.

Medication Support

Our medication support teams will provide one-to-one support to people in their own homes, helping individuals to develop the awareness, skills and routines to manage their own medication needs. Our teams visit daily (sometimes more) to deliver, observe or administer medication, and work closely with clinical teams, stepping support up or down as customers' needs change.

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